International Markets

Global demand for fresh fruits and vegetables has increased dramatically in recent years. With strategic office locations around the world, The Fresh Connection is well positioned to provide year round availability to our customers.

From the both the Northern and Southern hemisphere growing areas, we ship the freshest fruits and vegetables to North and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America. We use the latest shipment technologies available and select the best growers so that our produce arrives timely and in the freshest condition.

The Fresh Connection South Africa

Mediterranean climate and rolling fields of excellent soils allow South Africa to produce some of the world's best-quality fruits and vegetables.

Our robust supply chain enables us to offer the best-quality fresh fruits and vegetables in fresh condition year-round. Partnered with South Fruit Growers since January 2012, we are able to provide consistent supplies of Citrus, Apples, Pears, Grapes, and Stonefruit.

The Fresh Connection South Pacific

Australian Based Import and Export

The Fresh Connection South PacificThe Fresh Connection South Pacific was launched in April 2014. Specializing in Potatoes, Citrus, Grapes, Cherries, Onions, Mangoes, Apples, Stone fruit, Kiwifruit, Berries and Exotics, our strategic presence in Australia extends our year-round product availability for our extensive global customers base.

The Fresh Connection South Pacific offers know-how and substantial packaging infrastructure, to provide a balanced supply of farm-direct and metro-packed products and solutions to our customer base.