“We have an incredible group of growers and customers. And our team has the depth of experience to precisely evaluate sources, markets, and needs. I’m very proud of the longstanding, strong relationships we’ve built at every stage of this business.”

— Hank Miller, CEO


The Fresh Connection is the leading exporter of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, and we have built our business on service, relationships, and experience. Since 1994 we've worked to create strong partnerships with both our growers and customers based on integrity and trust. Our customers know that we provide the highest quality, global experience, and precise, reliable information.

We offer more than 50 different varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables working with more than 300 growers throughout the U.S., South Africa, and South America. We export to wholesale distributors and retailers in more than 35 countries in Asia, the Middle East, South America and Europe.

This is a business built on relationships — nearly everything we do is based on our reputation and a handshake. Every day we strive to do the right thing with our suppliers, trucking companies, steamshiplines, airlines, all the way through to our customers. That's the foundation of our success.


Multiple Locations Quality You Can Trust Serving the World


Lafayette, CA South America South Africa

Australia Mexico

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